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New on YouTube this week: a brand-new music video from Avicii, a documentary about an emerging club music scene in D.C. called Footwork & Trap, a concert with one of The Lumineers’ three members (which also happens to be Thomas Wesley Pentz’s birthday), an interview with the leader of a guitar-playing weirdness movement called The Danks, plus more. All that, plus something special for Black History Month, and a new in-depth series on several of the most iconic guitarists in history. 1. “Wake Me Up!” – Avicii 8:12-8:17 Avicii’s first album was an international smash hit, and his debut single “Wake Me Up!” was no exception. It’s a perfect introduction to his combination of house and techno — I’m not sure he really qualifies as a house artist, and definitely not a techno artist. He’s more house than techno, and more techno than house, and somewhere in between. It’s a beautiful, funky, almost tribal song with a rising saw note. 2. “You Make Me Feel (Mighty Fine)” – The Lumineers 6:42-6:45 The Lumineers didn’t always sound like The Lumineers, at least not at first. At least, not right away. “You Make Me Feel (Mighty Fine)” is a significant turning point in the band’s evolution. It’s a way for them to show off their now-signature brand of plainspoken folk-rock. It’s catchy and pretty, but it’s also subtle and mysterious, like a gentle, simple song that takes you to another place. The band’s third album, Cleopatra, was well-received, and it will probably be remembered as a landmark in the history of modern American music. 3. “Sleep Alone” – Dan Deacon 5:26-5:29 Dan Deacon started out as a multi-instrumentalist, but is now mostly known as a DJ, which is interesting, because it seems like he was originally a lot more of a musician. He has a lot of influences, but he keeps those influences hidden under a veil of smears,




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